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We live in Central Florida, so we have a myriad of theme parks to choose from. We get season passes to one each year. This year we chose Universal Studios. My youngest daughter, a fearless adventurer, loves roller-coasters, and Universal Orlando has an assortment. My girl has a petite body. She is four. The coaster’s […]


May my most passionate pursuit always be of you, God. I pray it. I mean it. But I do not always live it. When I wander off too far in the wrong direction I hear God calling me back. Every one is called. What makes the difference is how we respond to it. God will […]


This is more than a vocabulary lesson. I want to add depth to what it means to live deliberately. What Living Deliberately Means Living deliberately is the antithesis to living passively. Passive means accepting or allowing what happens without an active response or resistance. Deliberate living means doing life consciously, fully considered, and not hastily, but in […]