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The pointed life is about all the different parts of our life lining up in the same direction. That direction is pointed toward our life’s purpose. “All the independent things in your life–the items you own, how you spend your time, the relationships you cultivate, and the books you read, ultimately benefit your life’s purpose. […]


How do we keep with it? How do we keep with anything that is worth fighting for? I have had the flu. It has been an especially challenging week. I could not have made it through without the support and love from my husband, who also happened to have the flu. It was the worst […]


Finding your why, is perhaps the most important discover we can make when endeavoring to do something that goes against the grain of all that’s easy. “Only a good why will get you through the fear.” — Shaun Groves The right why will help get you through the hard-want-to-quit places. This can apply to every […]